18 Vehicles to Avoid in 2017

According to Consumer Reports, here is a list of the biggest complaints in this year’s car lineup.  Ok, well maybe they’re not ALL complaints, but they sure are strong opinions.  I thought it was worth the read:

1.        Mitsubishi Mirage:  Listed as the LOWEST-rated subcompact by Consumer Reports

2.       Fiat 500L:  Managed to land the worst reliability rating of any new car.

3.       Chrysler 200:  Listed as the LOWEST-rated midsized sedan by Consumer Reports

4.       Mercedes-Benz CLA250:  Listed as the LOWEST-rated compact luxury car by Consumer Reports

5.       Lincoln MKS:  The LOWEST-rated midsized luxury car by Consumer Reports. “Outdated, and outclassed!”

6.       Dodge Journey:  The LOWEST-rated family SUV by Consumer Reports due to poor gas mileage.

7.       Land Rover Discovery Sport: The LOWEST-rated compact luxury car by Consumer Reports. “Awkward acceleration”

8.       Cadillac Escalade:  The LOWEST-rated large luxury car by Consumer Reports.  “Stiff ride, & cramped”

9.       Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Fully electric, and a half step up from a golf cart, one of the lowest rated, “green” cars.

10.   Scion iQ: Car is slow, noisy, and uncomfortable.  Completely dropped from Toyota’s website, you know it’s not doing so well when it’s parent company wants people to basically forget about it.

11.   Smart ForTwo: Slow acceleration, a harsh ride, and clumsy handling.

12.   Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: The uncomfortable interior, wind noise on the highway, and miserable crash test make it a poor choice, everyday driver.

13.   Chevrolet Spark: Uncomfortable, loud, and slow.

14.   Toyota Yaris: Noisy with a choppy ride and incredibly awkward driving position, as well as slow acceleration & disappointing agility.

15.   Toyota Tacoma: Terrible handling and long braking distances were serious issues.

16.   Jeep Compass: Sluggish engine, uncomfortable seats, cramped cabin space, and below average overall reliability.

17.   Nissan Versa Sedan: One of the lowest overall owner satisfaction score, the cheap interior & noisy engine are disappointing.

18.   Jeep Patriot: Cheap interior, small windows, slow acceleration and poor gas mileage…terrible combination of issues!

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