A/C issue – a very unusual find!

A new friend visited our shop this week, with the fairly common concern that his A/C wasn’t blowing cold anymore. Having run through some of the tests necessary, we were able to confirm that his compressor was bad.

Since A/C compressors can be expensive, her was, of course, cautious about our diagnosis, but approved the repair service. Once removed, we examined the unit in it’s entirety and found a hold the size of a half dollar in the casing where the failure occurred.  Thankfully – this isn’t generally the way a compressor fails, but he was cruising “Cool” in no time!

We’re always grateful when people come to us and then count on us to give them the very best information…as well as take good care of their vehicles.  sometimes, although I wish there weren’t so many problems on today’s cars, it’s nice to be able to show “proof positive” and at least leave our guests with the assurance that we’re working in their best interest.

Please let us know if you’re having any problems with your A/C – Our certified technicians are standing ready to keep you cool!  INTEGRITY AUTO (330) 689-2100

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