FREE Top Engine / Air System Cleaning with Brake Service

Our SIMPLEBrakes Program offers the best value anywhere when it comes to driving on safe brakes.

For most passenger cars & light trucks, you’ll pay $189.99 for either the front or rear brake service, which includes replacement of the brake pads & rotors.  There’s no inspection fee, and no hazmat or shop supply fees, either!  The brake service is warrantied NATIONWIDE and protects you for a period of 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first) against manufacturing defects, or installation issues.

For a limited time, when you authorize service on your brakes, you’ll only pay $59 for the top engine cleaning service described below. (Reg. $119.99)  If we’re authorized to replace the brake pads & rotors on BOTH the front and rear of the vehicle, your top engine cleaning service is FREE!

Cleaning out your engine will help it run better, improve it’s fuel economy, and help extend the life of engine components. Using a top engine cleaner can help:

  • Reduce stalling, hesitation, and pinging
  • Make your engine idle smoother.
  • Improve your exhaust emissions and gas mileage.
  • Clean carbon deposits from inside the engine (decarbonize).
  • Clean the intake valves and pistons.
  • Clean the throttle body (a little).
  • Clean the catalytic converter (a little) and reduce catalytic converter odors.
  • Restore lost engine power.

As they age, all engines get dirty on the inside throughout the combustion path (from the air intake to the exhaust). Using a top engine cleaner helps remove the gum, varnish and other deposits that build up inside these areas of your engine over time. A cleaner engine is a happier engine that will perform better and give you less problems.

Drive safe – Drive with Integrity!   #IntegrityCares

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