Thank you for your incredible support!


May we have a word about the winners badges shown above? We’re not gloating. In fact, we find it humbling to have won this award for six years in a row. It means that our business model and philosophy of customer service is appreciated by folks who come into our shop with broken cars and a dozen other worries involving work, family, health and yes, money.

We don’t just fix cars here. Lots of folks can do that. We help people. You may have noticed that our tag line is “Making life better.” Some people think that’s pretty audacious for an auto repair shop. One competitor asked us point blank, “Who do you think you are?”

Well, he clearly doesn’t get it. You go into his place and he sees a tune-up with an oil change. We see a person who wants to get another 50,000 miles out of her car because she’s taking care of her own mother. Or she has a special needs child. She may need a lot of work. We’ll tell her what’s important to fix now, and what can wait. That’s the kind of simple service we provide that seems to resonate with our customers.

So yes, we appreciate receiving the recognition that comes with winning awards. But make no mistake about it, what we really value the most are our customers.

Thanks for placing your trust in us. We won’t let you down.