Why your neighbors referred you to Integrity Auto Care:

INTEGRITY AUTO CARE - Stow's Best Auto Repair Shop for a reason! As a professional automotive service center, we're committed to providing superior service to our customers and their vehicles. We stand behind everything we do, and offer a nationwide warranty that's supported by a network of independent repair shops just like ours, across all [...]

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Best Car Repair in Stow, OH: Supplies quality, affordable parts!

Trust your Honest Mechanic: Integrity Auto offers quality parts at great prices! At Integrity Auto Care, we've learned that there are only two reasons someone will ever ask us to install their "Customer-Supplied" parts.  First, and most obviously, people think that because it's common knowledge that professional mechanics markup the cost of their parts to [...]

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How your car repair warranty works (Part 1)

Understanding your warranty - Not all car mechanics are out to get you! There are a lot of misunderstandings about how the auto repair warranty works when you approve service at your local garage. Let's pretend you're having an issue with your car, and your mechanic indicates that it is an electronic issue, and will [...]

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Integrity Cares. Yep, that’s about it.

We're pleased to announce that our Integrity Cares program is in full swing, and has already begun helping several of the community's non-profit organizations.  Although it may sound odd, we've developed some fantastic relationships with many of our direct competitors over the years, and that means we've had the privilege of having had lots of [...]

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NEW Mobile app coming soon!

Our mobile app is changing, so call us before 3/1/19 to preserve your earned stamps! If you wait...you'll lose all your rewards stamps! We're nice folks, but no one can say we didn't warn them! We'll be unable to "look up" history for stamps earned after that date! We're in the process of redesigning the [...]

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Integrity Cares about the SMF Community

We want to give back to the community with every service we perform...all year long! Introducing the Integrity Cares Program We're pleased to be part of the Stow community, and grateful for the continued growth our business sees that can only be attributed to the countless families who continue to come to us for help, [...]

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Why changing your car’s air filter is important!

First of all, let's face it...most cars today require an engine air filter change only once every 12 to 18 months, and the average filter costs about $20.  If you consider that here at Integrity Auto Care there is typically no labor fees associated with this important maintenance, that makes changing this filter one of [...]

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WIN a free GAS GRILL this Summer!

Feedback = Your chance to Win a Deluxe Gas Grill for this Summer's parties!   Click on the picture below to download our mobile app, send us FEEDBACK, and you’re entered to win our current GRAND PRIZE! (Once in the app, simply press “CONNECT” on the top menu, and then select “Email“.  Once you send [...]

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