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Meet the Integrity Auto Team

Philip & Tina Evans - Proprietors at Integrity Auto Care in Stow

Philip & Tina Evans
Team Leaders

As team leaders, we’re here to offer professional, straightforward repair services to those in our community.  We believe everyone deserves to understand all their repair options, & be treated with a transparent honesty not easily found in this business.  We’ve been happily married for 29 years, & have three grown children.  We’re both devoted followers of Jesus Christ, & have been members of Hope Community Church in Hudson, Ohio for many years.  Contact us directly with any questions you have by clicking here.

Our Promise: “We run our business by the principles outlined in Psalm 15, which describes 5 elements of true integrity. We tell the truth about what you need, and give you the best possible opportunity to make informed decisions about your car.”

Chris Evans - Service Advisor at Integrity Auto Care Center

Darrell Bilby – Service Writer

Darrell has been part of the team since 2017, and has continued to excel as our primary point of contact with those who come to us for service. He has a heart for meeting people at their needs, and laying out plans for their safety as it pertains to their vehicles. He was married in 2013 to his wife, Leslie, has a Yorkie named “Woody”,  and in his spare time can be caught spending time with Leslie and his son, Carter.  He’s also an avid Cleveland sports fan.

Darrell’s Promise: “I promise to be the guy that will always be here to make sure you’re taken care of fairly.  Even if a mistake is made, you’ll find that I’ll be the one making sure you’re kept updated and informed regarding how we’re gonna make things right.”

Wayne Anderson - Mechanic at Integrity Auto Care Center

Angelo Caronite – Lead Technician

Angelo has been repairing and servicing cars & trucks for more than 15 years, and has had the opportunity to work with some of the larger auto repair companies, as well as smaller, independently operated shops.  He gained this valuable experience before coming to us in 2017, and has excelled as our technical liaison, and lead technician.   He enjoys spending time with his son, Joey, baby daughter, Mia, and his oldest daughter, Bella.  He’s been happily married for 6 years to his wife, Becca.

Angelo’s Promise: “I make sure to take the time to understand exactly what’s going on with your car before discussing it and making my recommendations. People need to be talked to with respect, and I’m always happy to help people stay safe.”

Bryan Jones - Technician at Integrity Auto Care Center

Denny Mariola – Customer Service

Denny brings with him more than 40 year’s experience having worked for Firestone the majority of his career, and knows what it means to treat people with respect.  He’s been married 22 years to his wife, Vicki, and has a son, Kurt, and daughter, Madison.  He’s been involved in, and is a proud supporter of the Stow Board of Education, and enjoys working with programs that support the children in the community.

Denny’s Promise: “My goal is to get to know everyone who comes through our doors in the hopes we can better learn ways to help make their life a little easier, if only as it pertains to their vehicles.

Sadie - Chief Morale Officer at Integrity Auto Care Center

Sadie – Chief Morale Officer

Sadie has been with us for 9 years, and although her schedule here varies greatly, she can often be found begging at our door as we leave each morning. She wonders why we’re not bringing her with us!  She’s incredibly well-behaved, and often spoiled by many customers in our lobby.

Sadie’s Promise: “I won’t bark at you, I’d never think of being aggressive with anyone, and I’m willing to be a good listener if you need someone to talk to.”