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Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Supply Your Own Parts When Scheduling Car Repairs (1 of 5)

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Supply Your Own Parts When Scheduling Car Repairs (1 of 5)

Are you Looking for ways to save money on car repairs? Regularly maintaining your vehicle with things like oil changes and tire rotations is the best way to give your trusted mechanic the chance to keep an eye on your vehicle’s overall health. That way, items that require attention won’t be left to deteriorate to the point of major parts breaking, which could get far more expensive than your budget allows. Just like preventative dental care, regular car care can identify and stave off big, expensive issues. Another way to save on car repairs is by bringing your own auto parts to a mechanic. Everyone knows there’s a markup on parts, but that markup helps shops to pay their rent, employees, pay for pricey equipment, and to make some money – after all, they’ve got to remain in business, right? So, since it could save you a few bucks, you may be wondering, “Can you bring your own parts to a mechanic?” In the long run, it’s actually not a ... read more

The Best Way to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY!

The REAL Way to Restore Headlights Permanently by Scotty Kilmer Rev up your engines! today I’m going to show you how you can keep your plastic headlights from yellowing and fading and cracking, now you may not know it, but modern cars, all the headlight assemblies are made out of plastic, they’re not made out of glass anymore now the use of plastic instead of glass has a big drawback plastic fades, cracks, while glass, it’s nice and hard, you can always clean it when it gets dirty but really, this is a 24 year old glass headlight and it still shines and looks great, plastic doesn’t last that long, now the modern headlight assemblies hey, they’ve got one better idea, the bulbs just fit inside and you can just pop them in and out when they burn out, but when the assembly gets cloudy and looks horrible because it’s plastic, it costs a fortune to replace these things, and yes there’s kits out there that you can polish them and the ... read more

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