Signs that your car's brakes may need some attention soon

If you notice any of the conditions listed below, it may be time to replace your brake rotors. The 10 most common signs that you may need brake service includes:

1. Squealing sounds from the brakes
2. Longer stopping time
3. Steering wheel vibrates when braking
4. Brake pedal pulsates when braking
5. Banging sounds when braking
6. Scratched, scored, or grooved rotors
7. Large edge on the rotor’s surface
8. Blue color on rotors
9. ABS warning light

Your brakes can wear out for a number of reasons, such as:

Axle position: Front axles often bear more weight than rear axles. When this happens, it means that the front bears more of the braking load. This can cause front rotors and pads to wear out more quickly than rear rotors.
Vehicle weight: The heavier the vehicle, the quicker its rotors and pads are likely to wear down.
Driving style and environment: Aggressive driving and extreme weather environments such as frigid winter cold or excessive summer heat can cause quicker rotor wear.
Brake pad quality: Cheap pads or pads that are not properly installed can cause rotor damage.
Brake rotor characteristics:Heat dissipation capacities can affect rotors differently, depending on whether they are solid, drilled, slotted, or vented.
Quality standards:The materials and quality control standards implemented in a brake rotor’s manufacturing, treating, and distribution processes can all affect the longevity of a rotor.

The longer you wait to replace worn or damaged brake rotors or pads, the more problems you will see down the road. Your rotors and your brake pads work together, so a damaged rotor will eventually damage the pads and possibly the calipers as well. Wearing past the minimum thickness level can lead to other problems, resulting in the need to replace other components of the braking system.  Essentially, if you fail to replace rotors when it’s necessary, it can cause a cascade effect, damaging your entire braking system.

Most importantly, bad pads or rotors put your safety, and the safety of those with whom you share the road, in danger. You can’t risk your safety, or the safety of other drivers and pedestrians by not caring for your vehicle properly. The moment you notice your brakes are malfunctioning, you need to correct the problem.

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